sugar-spice-by-madison-fayeMadison Faye delivers yet another hot novel for the ladies. It's got romance, passion, naughty scenes and an amazing sense of humor. Colin is a modern-day bad-boy, and it took him one look in Isabella's eyes to fall for her. She happened to step into the night club on the exact same day that he did, and he knew from that moment that she will be his destruction.

She's just too innocent, sweet and adorable to be a part of his crazy world. Besides, his tastes are a bit more...exotic, so to speak. However, she was gorgeous in that dress and her lips looked like they were perfect. And, the girl was looking at him with those eyes, as if they were saying "Come get me, boy". Innocence has always been one of the greatest turn-ons for Colin, and she's got a whole bunch of it.

The things is - he doesn't just want to have sex with her or to take her away somewhere. No, he wants to dominate her, to make her do things that she never even knew about, to beg him for more and to be submissive. Again, a troubled man like that has nothing to do with a fine young lady like her, and he could traumatize her forever, but that's exactly why he wants to rip her clothes off and make her scream louder than the animals.

This is that primal calling, an undeniable attraction between a man and a woman. He wants to bend her over, make her say his name and do all kinds of naughty things to her. Does she want the same things? Of course, she does, but exactly how far is she ready to go? Bad girls deserve a good punishment, and soon, Isabella will find out what Colin looks like when he's angry...Hold on to something, ladies – Sugar & Spice will turn you on in a jiffy!

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