Sully-By-Chesley-B.-Sullenberger IIIThis is an autobiographical story about a true US citizen, a modern-day hero. Sully is a brilliant pilot, a captain, who managed to land a damaged plane, saving the lives of 155 people. It all happened back in 2009 - the whole world saw the man make an impossible landing, gliding the giant plane onto a river and saving the lives of every single passenger on board.

His heroic actions turned him into a worldwide hero, an inspiration figure for all the other pilots to look up to. Sully is a beautifully written, fast-paced and thrilling story about the true American grit, dedication, heroism, and so much more. The author talks about the vital lessons that he learned from being a top-class pilot, serving in the military and just living his day-to-day life.

It's the perfect reminder that we are fragile and precious creatures and that even in these uncertain times when we've got tragedy, pain, loss and hate on every corner, there are still people who can inspire and make us believe in the Greater Good. Life constantly throws all kinds of challenges at us, but we can handle anything that comes our way if we just learn to stick together and fight for one cause.

Now, despite the fact that Sully got universal praise both from regular folks and the mass media, there was a big-time investigation concerning the man's competency and professionalism. By the way, Mr. Clint Eastwood turned this amazing story into a Hollywood blockbuster that's hitting the theaters in September, so, this book is a great opportunity to experience the story "first-hand" before checking out the movie.

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