Summer-At-Willow-Lake-By-Susan-WiggsThe Lakeshore Chronicles is a wonderful read if you like heart-warming and heart-breaking women's fiction with extra emphasis or romance, family and finding your true self. The series has been around for quite a while, and the critics are calling Summer at Willow Lake one of the best chapters to date. It's also the very first installment in the franchise.

You love bright, lovely characters, engaging stories and a great sense of humor? Then this is a must-have for you! Olivia leaves a fancy summer in Manhattan and goes to her fam's good-old resort camp. She wants to fix the bungalow for her grandpa and grandma. The old-timers want to spend the last summer together and have some fun with their good friends, and, of course, the lovely family.

Back in the day, this resort used to be gorgeous, but nowadays it's barely holding together. So, Olivia hires Connor, a contractor, to renovate the place. Now, this guy isn't just a random pro - he and the girl go way back, and they used to ignite each other's hearts during the summer holidays. The passion is still there, and it's getting harder and harder to keep the long-buried secrets from the past.

Who knows, maybe by fixing the resort Connor can fix something else - his broken heart? After all, this is a very special place, and it gives people hope. Summer at Willow Lake is a beautifully-written romantic story for the ladies. It's warm, touching, moving and thought-provoking, which makes it a wonderful read on the weekend or after a hard day at work. Oh, and make sure to check the other fantastic novels in the Lakeshore Chronicles series!

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