superficial-by-andy-cohenAndy Cohen is a pretty successful guy: he's the exec. producer of a super-famed TV series and the host of the ridiculously popular Watch What Happens show. As for Superficial, it's the official sequel to the hilarious franchise. Since his recent book saw the light of day, this guy has toured America with his friend Mr. Cooper, stormed the radio waves, appeared on countless talk shows, and even hosted a Christmas special or two.

Yes, he's been around! The greatest thing about this guy is - he always manages to achieve great results in whatever he "invests" himself into. And, he doesn't really like to sit on his ass and loves traveling, hopping from one corner of this beautiful planet to the other, sharing his adventures with his friends/audience and becoming a better man through those amazing experiences.

They say Andy is a mama's boy, and, truth be told, he does care a lot about his mom and will do anything to see that smile on her face, but that only proves that he's a stand-up guy, doesn't it now? Finally, he's a 100% superstar: his multi-million army of fans is dying to have an Instagram pic with him, and even the celebrities and the politicians wouldn't mind spending an hour or two with this highly intelligent, witty, and - naturally - funny guy.

This book is your best ticket into the world of Andy Cohen, so, if you've been following him on social media, Superficial will be a great read for you. It's personal, open, revealing, and hilarious. Plus, it grants a once-in-a-lifetime behind-the-scenes access into the host's life. At the end of the day, if you're a fan of the modern-day heroes who put their career and their audience first and stay humble no matter the size of their bank accounts, Superficial is your perfect book for the year!

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