swarm-by-scott-westerfeldAre you a fan of exciting trilogies about regular teens that have extraordinary abilities and gripping stories that combine the awesomeness of Heroes with the thrill of the X-Men? If you are, then you'll be happy to learn that Scott Westerfeld is officially back with Swarm, the sequel to the best-selling Zeroes novel that touched the hearts and minds of millions of fans worldwide. They thought that the biggest battle in their lives was finally over, but the reunited Zeroes will never really get the rest they deserve.

This team of 6 teenagers with superhuman abilities has been fighting mobsters, drug dealers, and robbers, trying to make the world a better place. But now they need to lay low and keep their heads down. However, they don't get to enjoy the quiet for very long, because when 2 strangers arrive in town, they bring chaos, destruction, and horrors with them. And there's a rumor of an even greater enemy coming to get the Zeroes.

So now, every single member of the team is in danger, and they don't really know what their next move is. Mob is crippled, Crash is trying to get herself together, Bellwether seems to have lost his born-leader abilities, and the rest of the crew is just trying to survive. Is there really no hope for the Zeroes and the city? Who will be strong enough to fight his own demons and lead the team into one last fight with an unknown, deadly enemy?

It's safe to say that Scott Westerfeld did a wonderful job with Swarm and met the expectations of the eager fans. The new novel is action-charged, fast-paced and sheds some light on the characters and the world of the Zeroes, which is great news for the readers who wanted to learn more about their favorite trilogy!

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