swing-by-adriana-lockeLincoln is a modern-day bad-boy with a sinful smirk, the body of a god and a near-perfect score on the board. He's one of the greatest fellas out on the court, and there's no stopping him. All he cares about is delivering that A-game and staying true to his fans. He does know how to party, though, and only goes for the hottest ladies out there.

Ryan Danielle is one of those fine-ass girls that he just can't pass by without at least messin' around with for a couple of nights. She's got a perfect body, sexy curves and a smile to die for. As far as sexy, confident and smart women go, she's probably on top of the list, just like he is in the game. The chemistry between these love birds is undeniable - sparks are blazing - it's so strong that they might both end up burned. However, they very much enjoy living on the edge, and they breathe in the air of freedom of endless possibilities together.

Lincoln and the girl are two consenting adults who wanna get the most out of this life and live it to the fullest. They have a lot in common; on the other hand, they're quite different. But none of that is a problem. Everything's just fine - actually, it's perfect. So, what possibly could go wrong for a #1 athlete and his gorgeous girlfriend? Grab a copy of Swing and you'll find out!

Adriana Locke is a bestselling and award-winning author and she knows exactly how to get the ladies hooked up. This is a sexy, naughty and passionate novel that comes with a great plot, amazing characters and tons of funny moments that will linger on long after you finish the story of Lincoln and Ryan Danielle. Ready to dive into a world of fancy hotels, expensive cars and burning love?

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