swing-time-by-zadie-smithSwing Time is an ambitious, bold new masterpiece from Zadie Smith, a bestselling and award-winning author of international hits. This is the story of two girls who have always dreamed of becoming pro dancers - but only one of them was truly gifted. The other girl was full of ideas about black music, black rhythms, movements, and what makes a modern-day person free for real.

The girls had been BFFs ever since they were little kids, but their lifetime friendship ended when they grew up and faced the real world outside. They never really tried to fix what's broken, but, at the same time, they never forgot what they had back in the day. Tracey made it but keeps facing challenges in the grown-up life, while her former-best-friend left the good-old hood and is now traveling the world with a celebrity as her personal assistant.

She's lucky enough to see through her own eyes how the planet's elite lives. Soon, Aimee, the celebrity, comes up with mighty philanthropic ideas, and that's when she moves from fancy London to West Africa, a place where people go back to learn about their roots, where they come from, young fellas put everything on the table for a chance to break through from the poor way of living, and the girls dance just like Tracey used to back in the day...

Swing Time is a syncopated, rhythmic, unique novel that will be greatly appreciated by the fans of original tales. Zadie Smith created a brilliant story that will resonate with millions of people from all around the world. The narrative, the writing, the characters - it all comes together to create an unforgettable experience.

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