Adriana Locke delivered a smash hit with Switch, a panty-melting erotic romance with a gorgeous, curvy babe and a bad-boy slash alpha-male. Mallory has just got a job at a prestigious company, but she's late for her very first day. The whole day started as a disaster: she spilled her favorite tea and then the frustrated girlie found out that her pretty little car was out of gas.

So, that left her flustered, confused, frustrated and excited all at the same time. But the real "heat" came when she first laid eyes on her new boss. Mr. Landry (Graham for the family and good friends) is a handsome man beyond Mallory's wildest fantasies. That strict suit sits on him perfectly, and the ridiculously expensive glasses only add to his dashing appearance. However, the damsel soon discovered that the mighty CEO doesn't like when his employees, especially his secretary, show up late for work.

Yep, he fires her, without even giving her a chance to explain herself! Still, she does manage to persuade him to keep her around at least for a day or so - the rumbling excuses wake something up in Landry, something that he hasn't felt and/or experienced for ages. The termination paper is already signed and ready for his approval; yet, Miss Sims keeps her job under this unbelievably attractive man's rule.

This whole thing is a total disaster! Why, exactly? Well, first of all, there's no denying the fact that there are sparks flying 'round every time the two are alone in a room. And second, we all know that office romances/flings/whatevers always lead to colossal calamities. Will this one be an exception? Will Mallory and Graham have their happily ever after? Switch is a smoking-hot, delightfully sexy, funny, witty and smart erotic novel with a great cast of characters and an awesome finale.

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