Tacopedia-By-Deborah-HoltzIf you've been looking for the most amazing tribute to Tacos, the trademark Mexican food that all the Americans love and respect, then you should take a look at Tacopedia, a brand-new "encyclopedia" by Deborah Holtz that will tell you everything you need to know about the biggest export from the neighboring country and then some. The cookbook comes packed with a total of 100 recipes, complemented with awesome photographs, images, infographics - you name it - that will forever change the way you look at tacos.

Furthermore, you'll find tons of interviews and entertaining stories that will grab your attention even more than the tacos themselves. Tacopedia might be a bit too graphic in style (and most people would definitely appreciate that about it), but it's still an overwhelming "profile" on Mexico's most popular food ever.

So, if you're a fan of Mexican cuisine and/or tacos and want to learn more about all that, Tacopedia, Deborah Holtz's new book, will be your ultimate guide. The critics from all around the world praise Tacopedia for being descriptive, informative, entertaining, and, of course, delicious. It can be hard sometimes to get yourself to learn a new recipe or read about a certain meal, but that's not the case with this cookbook.

Every single one of those 100 recipes is easy to make and doesn't require any exotic ingredients - you can work with whatever you've got in your kitchen or the local farmer's market. Overall, there are 250 photographs for you to enjoy, and that fact alone should be a good enough reason for you to buy Tacopedia by Deborah Holtz!

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