Tacos-By-Alex-StupakEverybody in America loves Tacos - that's not even a discussion. But, come to think of it, the majority of regular folks know only about one recipe. Well, Alex Stupak, a world-esteemed chef, a man who was always proud of his affection with delicious Mexican food, is here to educate us all on the "Taco wisdom". Mr. Stupak was practically "recruited" by the Mexican cuisine and decided to let go of the US-favorite hamburgers and open up a restaurant in New-York that's all about tacos and Mexican food in general.

Get ready to be amazed by the huge line-up or taco recipes that are available even for those folks who don't really like (or know how) to cook. The brand-new book by Alex Stupak, one of the most gifted chefs out there, invites the curious readers into a fascinating world of tacos, a detailed, down-to-Earth description of all the tiniest elements that are essential for making a top-notch Taco, the most popular Mexican export here in the States.

It starts simple - you'll have to cook regular tortillas from flour, corn, et cetera, et cetera. Next, Alex will tell you everything you need to know about making salsas. A true salsa simmers for a couple of hours and is still delicious even if you put it away and eat a few days later. The final step is mastering fillings, traditional and not so much.

There's a lot of creativity involved when it comes to fillings, and, if you learn your way around them, you'll be able to give your tacos a unique, or, at least, amazing flavor by picking just the right one. At the same time, Tacos is not just your regular collection of tasty recipes. First of all, the book is impeccable, and the writing is superb. Second, after reading Tacos, you'll be a strong "endorser" of everything Mexican and will start comparing it to French and Italian cooking.

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