Meghan March, a bestselling and award-winning author, is back with a smutty new erotic novel with a great plot and lovely characters. Dane fell in love with Kat on a beautiful beach and married her in the most amazing place on planet Earth. They drove into the sunset, just like the greatest couples out there do. But, what should've been an ideal life together soon turned into something completely different.

It started as a dream come true, but now, two years later, Dane can't even see his wife behind those huge cement walls that they've built between each other. Where’s all that love, passion and dedication? Where are all those feelings that used to make their hearts beat faster? Yes, the marriage is slowly, but steadily falling apart, and, if they fail to do something about it, there's not even gonna be a marriage to save anymore.

Dane decided that it's time to bring it all back, time to go back to where it all began and try to fix what's broken. The time is now, and Kat agrees to give their relationship a second chance. Who knows, maybe they can still make this work? One thing is clear: Dane is not ready to give up on them, and they're both ready to do whatever it takes to break free from the cages, to fall in love again and to be as happy as they used to.

This is the story of two damaged people, their skeletons in the closet and a fateful, relentless fight for their future. Take Me Back is both heart-warming and heart-breaking. It's epically romantic, dramatic and revealing. Plus, it's pulse-pounding, blood-rushing and extremely sexy. As far as page-turners in the genre go, Take Me Back is right there among the greatest novels.

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