take-me-with-you-by-catherine-ryan-hydeAugust, the main character of Take Me With You, is what you call a burned-out teacher. The man hasn't touched the bottle since he tragically lost his 19-year-old son. He used to spend every summer on the open road, and the big plan was to go to Yellowstone with his boy. However, this time he'll have to carry his ashes with him.

He's doing his best to cope with the frustration and to move on, but sometimes the pain is simply unbearable. Soon, the hand of Providence leads August to 2 orphans who have nowhere else to go but to embark on the broken man's journey. Obviously, none of them would ever think that this trip could turn into a game-changer for all of them. First of all, they become very close, and the newly-formed bond gives them big hopes for the future.

Second, thanks to this fateful meeting, each got a mighty push and an encouragement from nature itself to leave the troubled past behind and focus on the future. These people are given a second chance at life, and, if they do everything right, they'll be able to create a new destiny for themselves. Take Me With You is a breath-taking and heart-warming novel about love, faith, pain, letting go of the horrors and focusing on finding new meaning in life.

Catherine Ryan Hyde talks about the possibility of an eternal bond between total strangers and the all-forgiving power of love. The book comes with deep, insightful and likable characters and invites the readers into a ground-breaking journey towards peace and, eventually happiness. True happiness. If you appreciate touching, thought-provoking and uplifting novels, Take Me With You is a must-have.

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