taken-by-barbara-freethyBarbara Freethy, a bestselling author, is back with a brand-new series about love, passion, mystery, and suspense. Taken tells the story of Kayla, a young girl who's always dreamed of love, meeting the right man, marrying him and starting a family. Today, thanks to a series of wonderful events, she did find the guy of her dreams and ended up becoming his wife.

However, he disappeared into thin air on their very wedding night, leaving her confused and ashamed. Her desire, her dream has turned her into an "easy target" for lies. Nick is a bright, brisk, optimistic guy who's got a dream of his own: he wants to make history as the man who builds the most challenging bridges on planet Earth.

But he loses it all when he comes across a brutal man - he takes everything from him, including his money and even his identity. So now, Nick has nothing to lose, and he's desperate to clear his name and get back on his feet. Destiny brings him to Kayla, and they decide to join forces and to find out the truth together. They both need to find the ingenious stranger and to discover the game-changing secrets from their own pasts.

This journey is their final chance to go back to normal, and the common goal makes the two fall for each other. Taken is a crowd-pleasing, page-turning romantic novel. It's suspenseful, gripping and twisty. Barbara Freethy created a breath-taking story that will get you hooked up from the very beginning. The book comes with romance, mystery, amazing characters and a great sense of humor, so, if you’re a fan of the genre, Taken will be an awesome read for you this year.

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