The smutty and dirty Takeover series is as dark and romantic as you can imagine. It's heart-racing, breath-taking, and a huge turn-on. Furthermore, the intense, sexy content might be a bit too rough for the delicate souls out there. On the other hand, if you're a fan of just the right amount of darkness and naughtiness, then Lana Grayson will become your new favorite writer.

The Takeover series is passionate, sizzling-hot, comes with BDSM, ménage à trois, and more. Darius, a haughty, imperious and eerie man, commands his sons to give him an heir - at all costs. Reed, Max and Nick, the boys, are all billionaires, and they capture Sarah for that exact reason - to put a baby in her belly. They’re dark, scary, twisted and rough, and they want her to be their submissive slave.

Sarah's dad's company is collapsing, and the only way for her to save it is to unite the two mighty families with a mutual child. But, it's not a usual "relationship". She's a captive, and the three men do whatever they want to her and will keep doing it until she gets pregnant. They are monsters, brutes, but, at the same time, they are handsome and give her all kinds of pleasures.

One way or the other, one of them will become the daddy to her future son. The Bennett boys think that they're the ones in control, but the girl is not as weak as they think. Soon, Sarah and Nick fall in love with each other, and this newly-found affection threatens to destroy everything she's been working towards. The company, the heritage, and her own life are at stake...Will the fearless young lady be able to overcome all the unthinkable obstacles on her way and prevail?

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