Taking-Beauty-By-Nikki-WildMr. Dalton is a highly dangerous man. He's super-rich, powerful and confident, and, as far as playas go, this fella is one of the biggest bad boys in the world. He loves to get whatever he wants and enjoys dominating - in everything. When he first saw Chloe, he knew she was the one for him. Her innocent, big lips, curvy body, and those dreamy eyes turn him on and drive him crazy.

The girl, in turn, is into all that BDSM/submission naughtiness and begs the guy to be her master, making the flames between them burn with double strength. He calls her a beauty, and she calls him the beast. All he wants to do is take her, claim her and own her, and Chole wants to be owned by a wealthy, strong-willed and good-looking man like that.

So, in a way, they've got a pretty healthy relationship. However, there's no telling where this smutty romance will take them both. Maybe it will make them happy. Or, it could ruin their lives and leave them with nothing. They're calling him the God of sex, and every woman wants to end up in his bed. At the same time, Chole is a bit intimidated by the sexual tension between them and is afraid she'll lose herself in his world.

Taking Beauty is the very first book in the self-titled trilogy about big, bad and dominating alphas and young, fragile, innocent girls. It’s dark, twisty, and comes with a few shocking revelations. If you're a fan of dark romance and over-the-top sexual appeal, then grab a copy of Nikki Wild's latest bestseller and dive into the world of Bear and Chloe, the most unusual, yet the most intriguing "couple" in modern-day literature.

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