The life of a hitman and a killer is all Viper has ever known: he's always been one of the best assassins for hire, and there's no escaping that fate. His skills are much appreciated in certain shady circles, and when a new client offers him 7 figures for a new "gig", he gladly accepts the offer. Nothing special about this mission - just a quick trace-track-eliminate kind of routine.

But, when his target turns out to be an innocent 20-year-old girl with a gorgeous body and big, beautiful eyes, everything changes for Viper. He's a professional killer and shouldn't ever care for his victims, but he does, and there's nothing the man can do about that. He wants to own her and to keep her from harm's way. The girl's name is Pepper, and, after her step-dad murdered her mom, she's been on her own, trying to survive in the harsh and brutal world.

So, when a big, scary and strapped hitman comes knocking on her door, she gets herself ready to meet her mother in the other life. However, to her surprise, he doesn't kill her, but, instead, vows to keep her safe. There are a lot of cutthroats who would love to put her down and get that sweet cash, and that makes Viper her new guardian. Years of training and fine-tuned skills make him a great killer, but what about his heart - is it capable of loving?

Pepper falls in love with the man almost as soon as she sees him, but it's not that easy for Viper. Danger is lurking in the shadows, and all the odds are against these two: will they make it out of this mess alive and find true love together? Taking Her Innocence is a top-notch romantic suspense slash erotic novel that will keep you up all night. It's sexy, thrilling and totally rewarding.

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