Tale of Tales (Stories from the Pentamerone) by Giambattista Basile

Tale-of-Tales-2-Stories-from-the-Pentamerone-by-Giambattista-Basile-epub-mobi-fb2Giambattista Basile's Tale of Tales became famous long after his death – in 1936 when the book was published. He wrote The Tale of Tales (The Pentamerone, which means five-day work) something about 400 rears ago. So, the global fame reached Basile only recently.

Not only the French fairy tale writer Charles Perrault knew about the Pentamerone. Another fairy tale writer Wieland took from this book some images and characters to his stories. Even the Brentano was inspired by Basile texts when writing his Italian tale.

The Brothers Grimm gave a first complete synopsis to Giambattista Basile's Tale of Tales. Hundreds of storytellers and narrators used Basile fairytale types in their stories.

Kluge princesses, animal kings, dragon slayers, brave adventurers, grim ogres, helpful fairies, princes, and kings - the old familiar figures of European fairy tale literature inhabit this baroque narrative work.

Stories from the Pentamerone book is one of the most beautiful story books you ever read. It certainly represents the most original collection of fantasy stories.

Giambattista Basile, was born in 1575 in Naples and worked in many professions, wrote fables, was a member of Poets Academy in Crete. In the service of the Count of Acerenza, he completed his major work, The Tale of Tales. Basile died in 1632 in the Campagna.

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