Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Edgar-Rice-Burroughs-Tarzan-of-the-ApesEdgar Rice Burroughs is one of the classic fantasy authors who influenced world literature very deeply. Anyone who reads, for example, anything from Robert A. Heinlein remembers repeatedly some of Burroughs works. Therefore, it is really incomprehensible that he is almost unknown today.

Tarzan is a most famous of Edgar Rice Burroughs books and this classic adventure novel can certainly disappoint many readers who aware of this story by Disney's newest animated film only. The original Tarzan reflects wild and unexpected Africa. In the "black continent", which existed in the minds of people almost 100 years ago, it was a very dangerous place. However, Disney's ideal world is very different from it.
Anyone who is interested in the roots of modern SF / Fantasy, who wants to know the "truth" about Tarzan or simply read a classic and exciting novel, try this book.

The plot of Tarzan of the Apes novel is amazing. It starts when Lord Greystoke, a senior official of the British Empire, embarks with his pregnant wife on the trip to South Africa to compete for a new job. But during the cruise, there was a mutiny and Lord Greystoke with his wife were left on the wild shore of Africa.

With difficulty, the Lord Greystoke builds a hut where some time after his son was born. But wild animals make a life of small family short and unpleasant. The parents of Tarzan died shortly after birth. The baby survived and raised by monkey woman Kala. Kala is called the orphaned man Tarzan, which means White skin in the language of apes. Tarzan grows among the monkeys, and when finds the cabin of his dead biological parents, he teaches himself to read and write.

One day he sees people in a jungle and falls in love with Jane Porter, daughter of the scientist Archimedes. But the girl feels afraid of him. Tarzan now faces a major decision: Should he continue to live in the jungle or start a new life in civilization?

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