Penelope Marshall is one of those emancipated modern-day women who are not afraid to be brave, passionate and sexy. This lovely author wrote a whole line-up of best-selling romantic/erotic novels, and the critics are calling Teach Me her best work to date.

This is a short-length, standalone and ridiculously hot story that you can devour on a cold or rainy day while sitting in your cozy chair and admiring the view from the window. Now, if you like those steamy teacher/student affairs, then you'll most definitely love Marshall's latest blockbuster. You won't be able to put it down until the very last pages - the brilliant writing, smooth, silky narrative and awesome main characters will make your day.

Regan is a handsome substitute teacher, and all the girls are going crazy for him. Cher is just a regular student, but the flames that are burning between them are far from ordinary. The "chemistry" between Mr. Donovan and his student is simply fascinating, and you'll find yourself falling for both of them and cheering for the love birds to get their happily ever after.

The sex scenes are sizzling and spicy enough to turn you on; yet, you won't find any over-the-top content. Cher is a strong-willed, sassy young lady with a spark. At the same time, something's broken inside of her, and Regan is the only man in the world who can help her get back on her feet. She grew up without a father and had to deal with all kinds of "adult" struggles. She never kissed a man before, let alone had sex, which makes her teacher her first. Will Cher be able to truly trust him and give herself up to Regan?

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