Last year, the Cubs managed to finally beat a curse that lasted for 108 years: they won the prestigious World Series in an epic fight against the Indians. That was history in the making, and now David Ross, the star catcher, a 40-year-old man who played 15 seasons, is ready to share his own, personal story and give the readers a behind-the-scenes pass into the world of the Cubs.

Ross has been in the game longer than any other player in his team, and, besides being a strong catcher, he also did a great job of motivating the exhausted boys, turning into something a mentor and encouraging them in the locker room. Some of them were 10 to 20 decades younger, and his "father figure attitude" helped the team find the strength necessary to win.

People like David Ross inspire us all to be better and to do more. True, it's kinda scary to step out of your comfort zone sometimes, but there's no moving forward without it. Teammate is a truly amazing book for the fans of baseball and everything that it stands for. If you ever wanted to learn all the ins and outs of a professional team, grab a copy and enjoy!

Ross did a fascinating job of bringing his personal story to the readers and making it an exciting trip down memory lane. He had his fair share of doubts, but that didn't prevent him from breaking all kinds of international records and proving to the whole world that you can still make wonders happen in baseball, even if you're a 40-year-old fella. The Cubs will never be the same after his heroic performance, and the next generations will study his skills in the years to come. Smart, catchy, fun and buzz-worthy - that's the best description for Teammate.

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