Tears-We-Cannot-Stop-By-Michael-Eric-DysonThe critics are calling this book one of the finest examples of deep, honest and open-minded discussions on race and the way the American citizens think about the various ethnic groups within the country. This is an urgent, necessary book for this generation that should be taught in schools all over the US and beyond.

As far as insightful and profound books that shine a light on modern-day challenges go, this brilliantly-written and potent work is both moving and uplifting; and, it comes with a pretty impressive analysis of culture, society, politics and more. You could call Tears We Cannot Stop a manual, or, rather, a roadmap that will guide us towards a bright, prosperous, righteous future with equality, kindness, and love.

If you're a black person and are forced to deal with all kinds of outrageous stuff in your daily routine, if you've been waiting for a fascinating writer like Mr. Michael Eric Dyson to "talk" to you through the pages of a book and tell you that everything's gonna be alright, rejoice, because you just found what you've been looking for!

On the other hand, if you're a white person living in America or any other country with a huge black community, Dyson will gladly tell you exactly what you need to know about the current state of events, so to speak, and show you the right way towards eliminating racial hate and bringing all human beings in the world together. Tears We Cannot Stop is an emotional book, and it's equally powerful and thought-provoking. If you're a conscious modern-day citizen and care about the current disastrous state of race relations, then you most definitely should grab a copy of this masterpiece.

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