It's safe to say that whenever the lovely Penelope Marshall and the dashing Tia Lewis come together to write a book, they always come up with a brilliant plot that conquers the hearts and minds of countless women from all over the globe. Tempt Me is the latest bestseller from the dynamic duo that follows the story of Ryder and Hannah, a handsome alpha male and a gorgeous independent girl that are destined to be together - against all odds.

Back when they were still dating, Ryder couldn’t give her everything that she wanted, so, he decided that the best thing to do was to leave her all alone. And, he obviously thought that their passes would never ever cross again. He was really hoping to start a new life on his own and forget about his first love, but it doesn't really work that way, now does it?

The thing is - Hannah is the perfect girl for him, and he could have a happy ending with her; yet, he was too weak to admit that to her or to himself. It's been a year since Ryder left the lovely young woman hanging, and he's confident that she's in the past now. However, when she walks into his office, all those feelings come rushing back to him. What will happen how?

Can Hannah forgive Ryder for being a nasty prick and breaking her fragile heart? Is there even a possibility of a happily ever after for these two, or is it all over now? You could almost call Tempt Me a romantic drama, as it's kinda dramatic at the very beginning. But, slowly, the plot "winds up", and the book turns into an amazing mix of passion, smutty sex, sizzling-hot alpha bad boys and beauteous ladies. If you love moving, touching and arousing stories, Tempt Me will be a great pick for you.

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