temped-by-willow-wintersWillow Winters is a world-acclaimed author of smoking hot romantic novels for the ladies. She's got a few bestsellers on the bookshelves right now, and Tempted is her latest gift to the readers. Liam is a cold-hearted, self-centered bad boy who doesn't care about anybody else but himself. That's just the way he's always been, and he enjoys his own personality and way of living.

However, when she shows up, everything suddenly changes. Her name is Elizabeth, and she's the sweetest and cutest thing on Earth. As crazy as it might sound, it was the girl's father who wanted the bad boy to start dating his own daughter. Yes, he knew exactly what he was doing, and Liam started falling in love with her long before he even saw her for the first time.

It's obvious that a prick like that should never get involved with an honest, fragile girl like Elizabeth, but now he just can't let her go. Yes, he knows that it will end badly and that he should just leave the town, but that only makes him fall even more in love with her. Or maybe it's just a momentary affection? No, it's too strong of a feeling, and he had his fair share of flings before.

So, Liam ends up bringing trouble into Elle's life, and she's going to hate him forever for doing that. But, there's no going back from this - they're inseparable now. Tempted is a wonderful erotic-romantic novel with a happy ending and lots of sexual tension between the main characters. The story is pretty thrilling and the narrative is brilliant. Thumbs up to Willow Winters for writing yet another mighty story for the fans to enjoy. Needless to say that if you're a fan you'll be amazed by Tempted.

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