This is the second chapter in The Vicomte of Bragelonne: Ten Years Later novel and follows the events of the first chapter when the world-renowned musketeer agreed to get back to service in king Louis's kingdom and set out on his way to investigate Belle Île. Soon, he reports back that Fouquet is indeed fortifying his estate and that Porthos is allegedly in charge of the whole operation.

However, d'Artagnan can clearly see that the writing does not belong to Porthos and that, in fact, Aramis is responsible for the construction of the fort. But he is the respected bishop of Vannes, so, what is it exactly that he's doing with Fouquet? The hard-boiled musketeer can't really make a sense of it all and gets tricked by his old friend to embark on a journey to Vannes in search of Prothos.

Aramis does everything in his power to warn Fouquet as quickly as possible so that he can make a decision over in France and keep his position in the capital. Next, the Superintendent "hands over" his fort to the king, thus putting Colbert in quite a bad spot. That's when d'Artagnan returns from his trip, and, even though his mission was a failure, he still gets that medal and becomes the leader of the musketeers.

Three Musketeers series:
1. The three musketeers
2. Twenty years after
3. The Vicomte of Bragelonne. Ten Years Later (4 parts):
- The Vicomte of Bragelonne
- Ten Years Later
- Louise de la Vallière
- The man in the iron mask

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At the same time, Henrietta, a royal princess, arrives in France to marry Charles II, the king of England. She's quite a gorgeous woman and makes the majority of men around her fall in love with her and lose their heads. This union is very important for both countries, and d'Artagnan, as the captain of the musketeers, is in charge of security and has to make sure everything goes smoothly. Ten Years Later is one of the best chapters in the d'Artagnan Universe and is equally romantic, thrilling, exciting and funny. If you love historical romance, make sure to check this book out.

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