Before she met Nick, the love of her life, Sophia was never a strong believer in destructive relationships or the fact that some people are meant to be together. However, this man changed her - completely. When she first laid eyes on him, she knew that nothing was going to be the same ever again.

His influence, his hold over her was too strong to handle, and he pretty much destroyed everything that she's been working so hard for. He tried desperately to "reshape" her, but she managed to stand her ground and proved to Nick that she was stronger than he would ever imagine. So, now they're both working hard to fix their love and to get back what they've lost somewhere along the way.

Yes, it's quite hard to rebuild a relationship after you've put your heart and soul into destroying it, but it's most definitely worth their while. At the same time, there's a new threat on the horizon, and it's as real as the light of day. When Sophia's life hangs in the balance, something changes, and it gives the lovers a chance to go back to the way they were. Will they be able to make it work for the second time and find the capacity to forgive?

If you're a fan of rich and well-developed characters, thought-provoking plots and sexy, smutty sex scenes, Tense - Volume Two will be just the right pick. You don't even have to read the first chapter to make sense of it all, but, if you did read the original Tense novel, this book will be that much more exciting for you. The critics are calling Deborah Bladon's latest masterpiece a must-have, and the fans are praising her for the amazing mix of love, hate, hope, and reconciliation.

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