The critics are calling Scott Turow one of the major writers in the United States, a fresh new voice in literature and quite a capable man when it comes to mystery/political/legal thrillers. Testimony is a true page-turner, a gripping, engrossing story that will keep you up all night.

When Mr. Boom, a prosecutor, turned 50 years old, he dropped everything he used to cherish, including his work, his spouse, and even the country, and left. However, when the ICC (the International Criminal Court) asks for his help, he gets back on that saddle and puts his heart and soul into cracking the biggest case in his entire life. More than a decade ago, during and after the bloodthirsty Bosnian war, an entire refugee camp disappeared into thin air.

And today, for the first time in years, a witness is willing to testify: Mr. Rincic claims that he saw a bunch of soldiers with weapons take the Gypsy men and women from the camp into a cave and use a grenade to bury 400+ innocent folks. And he's the only person that managed to survive the nightmare. Boom is to examine every single word that Rincic said and determine whether it's all true or not.

Next, he'll have to figure out who killed all those people and why. On this journey, he travels all the way to Bosnia, to the villages and tiny towns that could know something about that horrible night. The bandits, local thugs, the Serbs and even the American government officials could've been a part of this heinous crime, and it's up to the renowned prosecutor to reveal the truth to the world. Testimony is a fast-paced, suspenseful thriller that will leave you speechless.

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