The Karsen brothas have taken over Philly. Everybody in the state knows that when it comes to the hood, these fellas are running the show. It's pretty hard to be the best of the best, but when you become the street kings, all the hustlers come to respect you. They're controlling the neighborhoods and those that live in 'em. Recently, they’ve taken over the last significant part of Philly, and they've got it all on lockdown.

Yasiin and his brothers are extremely busy with all that gangsta routine, and they've got some legal, legit biz to run. But, at the same time, they do find time to enjoy life and to live it to the fullest. They've getting that dough, obeying the street code and getting respect on every corner - that's what being a gangster truly means. The Karsens are rich, powerful, influential and good-looking.

Therefore, all the ladies are quite literally throwing themselves at the boys, which means they've got enough of that lady love in their lives. Crazy parties, drama, fun, all the beautiful girls in the world by their side - what else is there to wish for, right? The only thing that's bothering their pops, an OG and a true legend out on da streetz, is that the brothers will ultimately lose their heads and start making all kinds of wrong choices.

Keeping it cool and steady is the #1 rule in the game. The hard-boiled father is constantly telling them that if they fail to run the business, he'll immediately take over and take care of the mess - in his own way. This family is golden, and they're hustling together, grinding together and ready to give their lives for each other. Or are they? That Crazy, Dope, Hood Kinda Love is an authentic, insightful and engaging urban romance about the untouchable Karsen brothers and the ladies that hold them down.

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