The-14th-Colony-By-Steve-BerryThe Cotton Malone series is a God-sent for all the fans of historical thrillers and political/espionage novels. Steve Berry created one of the greatest franchises of our time, and the critics are calling The 14th Colony a suspenseful, thought-provoking, engrossing and adrenaline-pumping book with smooth writing, a gripping plot and rich, multi-layered characters.

Malone, an ex-JD operative, is flying over Siberia in a plane when it gets shut down from the sky. Zorin, an unbelievably strong and intelligent Russian man, is his strongest foe yet. He's still loyal to the USSR, and he'll do everything in his power to put Cotton down. This is a fight for survival - nothing less, nothing more. However, before escaping, the US agent learns that Zorin and another super-soldier - a sleeper agent in the West - are going to America. D.C., to be exact.

Inauguration Day is about to kick in, and the former KGB officers are getting ready to deliver that devastating blow into the very heart of the western society. The Ruskies have found a few weak spots in the President's security detail, and they're about to exploit 'em all in order to get the job done. A futuristic weapon that nobody's ever seen before will allow Zorin to kill the newly-appointed POTUS.

Malone is rushing against time, and the clock is ticking. It all begins in Russia's Siberian wilderness and ends at the White House. The best operatives of the two superpowers - Zorin from the Soviet Union and Malone from the United States of A - will clash in a deadly skirmish and fight for what they believe in. Steve Berry's brand-new page-turner masterfully mixes real historical facts with fiction and delivers an un-put-down-able novel for all the fans of political conspiracies and blood-rushing thrillers.

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