The 9 Principles for a Lean & Defined Body

lean-bodyAre you eating the proper foods to maintain a lean body?

Do you know which training methods shape and define your body?

Why is it so difficult to lose that stubborn belly fat?

Are “cheat meals” really ok?

If these issues concern you, you may have noticed…the sheer amount of available information is daunting, and so contradictory! No wonder Americans continue to fight fat with very poor results.

'The 9 Principles for a Lean & Defined Body' ends the confusion once and for all. Within its pages, you’ll learn the tricks to finally succeed in your goal to develop a lean & defined body.

Philip’s recent release of the Expanded Version of his book goes into further details on exactly how to implement every principle discussed in part one of his book. It even includes charts for what size dumbbells the average male and female should start with, how to determine your exact daily calories as well as the breakdown of macronutrients for fat loss. Things like how many grams of protein, carbs and fat are thoroughly explained so there’s no more guessing.

Author Philip J. Hoffman, a veteran fat-loss expert, author, coach, sports nutritionist, former bodybuilder, and fitness model with a master’s degree in biochemistry, reveals 9 key principles based on decades of knowledge and experience.

Philip himself maintains an impressively lean and defined physique, with less than 5% body fat year round at the age of 54! He is one of a handful of physique athletes 50+ to achieve this level of development and now he shares his secrets with you.

Imagine…no more wasted time…no more useless effort…no more frustration. Anyone, at any age, can take advantage the HoffmanFit Lean Body System principles and develop the best body of your life.

The 9 Principles for a Lean & Defined Body reveals:
• How to truly achieve the lean, sexy, defined body you’ve always desired
• Which foods to buy and how to prepare fast, healthy meals in advance
• Which exercises are most effective to stimulate fat-burning hormones
• Which type of training burns fat and builds lean muscle the fastest
• Why those six-pack abs are so tough to sculpt…and how to do it right
• How too much information can be dangerous to your health
And so much more.

Hoffman says, “Developing a lean, muscular and defined body isn’t nearly as difficult as the so-called industry experts make it out to be”. “You don’t need more information. You need correct information.”

Read The 9 Principles for a Lean & Defined Body and discover this powerful, effective method that synergistically combines weight training and nutrition for a sustainable lifestyle. Be a success story once and for all, instead of one of 95% of people who attempt to get fit using unsustainable programs that fail.

Even if you’ve never lived a healthy lifestyle before, you can reverse poor health and turn back the clock a decade or more by starting today. Strength training with weights and healthy nutritional practices are the true Fountain of Youth! Philip “walks his talk” and backs up his methods unlike so many other programs on the market. Nothing is more life-changing than seeing your body transformed. Follow the guidelines laid out in The 9 Principles for a Lean & Defined Body and you will finally experience great results.

For those that are interested in implementing the principles in his book, Philip offers his widely-known 12-Week Body Transformation Coaching Program that begins four times per year.

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