Arthur Conan Doyle wrote almost 60 short stories about his most famous character - Sherlock Holmes. "The Adventure of the Red Circle" is one of them.

The plot is set when the main character, Mrs. Warren calls for help of the exceptional detective Sherlock Holmes.

Mrs. Warren rented a room to a young man who asked her to agree with certain conditions. A few days later, Mrs. Warren has not seen her renter in sight however she hears footsteps walking inside his room. She is anxious that there might be an explanation as to why this man could be hiding.

At the beginning, Holmes was hesitant to accept Mrs. Warren's case because it doesn't sound very appealing to him. Mrs. Warren says that a previous renter of hers asked help from detective Holmes before and frequently tells her how smart Holmes was. Feeling honored, Holmes finally agrees and accepts to listen to Mrs. Warren.

Sherlock Holmes eventually discovers that this is associated with a serious crime.

«The Adventure of the Red Circle» had a radio adaption which was titled "Mrs. Warren's Lodger". The main stars were Nigel Bruce and Basil Rathbone. The radio adaptation was aired on in 1941 on the same day when Japanese destroyed Pearl Harbor. Yes, it took place on the 7 of December. The East Coast broadcast was interrupted with an urgent information. Radio host told that Franklin D. Roosevelt (president of the USA) would speak with people the following day.

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