The-Agincourt-Bride-By-Joanna-HicksonThis woman's beauty started wars, her charisma bewitched the fierce king, and her strong will, good heart, and dedication "jump-started" the Tudors. Mette went through every young woman's nightmare: her first baby was still-born, and they sent her to work as a nurse at the court of the frantic, ridiculous king of France. She was to take care of Cathie, the future princess, who was caught up in all those lies, betrayals, affectation and hypocrisy of the royal life.

Soon, the nurse and the kid became BFFs, and that allowed the lassie to strengthen her standing at the court. However, when the child grows into a beautiful woman, her "special" position makes her a pawn between 2 mighty dynasties. Her own bruv and the fearful, scary Duke are both trying to use her to their own advantage and become the new rulers of France.

Catherine is weak, inexperienced and not bold enough to play a role in this situation or to oppose any of them, but, when the French army gets crushed at a horrible battle, everything changes and the princess becomes one of the most important figures in the country's royal family. So, can the "foster mom" protect the innocent girl from the evil forces in her own house that dream of hurting her, or maybe even she can't stop those sinister, shameless people?

The Agincourt Bride is a bewitching, mesmerizing and insanely thrilling historical novel about one of the most prominent ladies in history. If you love epic historical best-sellers with an exciting plot, lovely characters, fast-paced narrative and a little bit of romance, then Joanna Hickson's book will be a great read for you.

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