the-american-heiress-by-daisy-goodwinHands down, if you've been a fan of the fascinating Downton Abbey TV series and can't find a proper substitute for it, you'll be happy to learn that The American Heiress is the closest thing to a perfect "heir". Daisy Goodwin did an amazing job of creating an engaging, uplifting and thrilling story that will stay with you forever. Welcome to the 1890s, ladies and gentlemen!

Meet Cora, a gorgeous heiress from the United States who learns the hard way that sometimes you gotta be careful what you wish for because you might just get it and it will be nothing like what you imagined it would. Cora is traveling abroad with her mom, trying to find a wealthy, titled man to marry. The 20th century is about to start, and the beautiful, charming girl does everything in her power to find the man of her dreams.

Fortunately, the most eligible fella in the UK gladly takes her as his wife. So, does that make Cora the happiest woman on the face of the Earth? Well, not quite. This new married life is nothing as it seems, as Ivo (her new husband) hides pretty much everything from her, not to mention the social elite of the country is full of liars, cynics, and trappers.

And, as it turns out, you can't buy everything with money, and the girl starts to wonder: was it really worth it - marrying this man? Daisy Goodwin's intelligent, moving and exciting debut book is just as great as the best of the best in the genre. It's safe to say that she created one of the best historical romance stories of the decade, and, if you appreciate the atmosphere of the 19th century, remarkable writing, and strong, likable characters, The American Heiress will be your favorite book of the year!

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