This is a priceless collection of the greatest and most influential speeches by Mr. David McCullough, the most famed, renowned and respected historian in America. He's got more prestigious international awards than any other man of his profession.

His words are reminding us of the fundamental principles that the Founding Fathers came up with and the importance of following those principles if we want to create a strong, loving, caring community in the United States. The country has been through a lot, no doubt about that, but if The People find it in their hearts to let go of the mistakes from the past and work towards ensuring a bright future for the new generations, there will be no stopping us.

McCullough had the privilege of speaking in front of the Congress, the White House, numerous universities, young students, experienced colleagues, elite societies and other esteemed institutions. The recent Presidential race has left the country divided. Nobody knows what to expect from Trump and whether the man will be able to make the US great again and put it back on the pedestal.

What is the American way and what are the key principles that define this great country? David McCullough has just the right answer for you! This book is comprised of the essentials, the most important parts of his speeches that reflect on what's going on in the US today and what is needed to be done. Only we can protect the core values in our homes, hoods, blocks, cities and country. The American Spirit is a book about the Americans and for the Americans. We need to remember who we are and where we're coming from; otherwise, there will be no moving forward.

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