The-Anatomical-Shape-Of-A-Heart-By-Jenn-BennettBeatrix, a young, gifted artist, has already planned her summer vacation in advance and there's no room for surprises. She wants to follow the great Da Vinci's path and use everything in her power to make her work stand out and win a scholarship contest that's funded by a well-respected museum. So, she decides to take a different "route" and draw real-world corpses.

However, when she's busy trying to win the competition, the young fan of anatomical drawing misses her last train, and that's when she meets a guy who rushes into her life like a summer breeze and ruins all her careful planning. His name is Jack, and he's handsome, charismatic, charming and one of the city's most popular and notorious graffiti artists. Together they walk on rooftops and travel on midnight buses and Beatrix slowly but steadily starts to fall for him.

At the same time, she begins to realize who this gorgeous boy really is and finds out the truth about him. He's hiding some big secrets from the past that are still haunting him. The question is - will he be able to lock them up for good, or are they going to be a problem for him and his new girlfriend? What he doesn't know is that Beatrix and her family have their own fair share of dark secrets, and they can break them apart just as much as his ghosts from the past.

The Anatomical Shape of a Heart is a brilliant romantic story for young adults that's got a little bit of mystery and thriller to keep your blood rushing. Jenn Bennett created a complex, realistic and heart-wrenching novel about love, hope, and happiness. It's adventurous, cool, lively and got that unique San Francisco vibe.

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