The-Angels'-Share-By-J.-R.-WardThe Angels' Share is the second novel in J. R. Ward's best-selling series - Bourbon Kings. It's a truly amazing book about a family that's doing its best to show the world that it's living the good life while trying to keep a line-up of big-time secrets hidden. If these secrets come out, their own existence will be threatened.

Based in Kentucky, this family is on top of the "food chain" and their unique brand of bourbon is doing great on the market. Their huge house is run by a staff that gets involved into the Bradfords' affairs. The family is doing a good job of making everybody believe that they're forever blessed and privileged, but when the family patriarch is found dead, the cops suspect that it was a murder, and that's when everything starts to collapse.

Everybody is a suspect in this case, and Edward, the eldest son, is under a lot of pressure. The whole town knows that he doesn't get along with his father and that's why he's considered to be the prime suspect. The investigation goes on and on, and Edward can't really cope with it on his own - he spends days and nights with a bottle and a young girl he once knew. At the same time, a strong business rival, a woman, has her eye on the family's eldest son, and the family's financial stability is in her hands.

Everybody has secrets and everybody's looking for personal gain. You can't really trust anybody in this town and can only rely on yourself. But, just when the Bradfords seem to be on the edge of destruction, a family member they thought was forever gone returns home. So, what are his true intentions - to save them or to bring them down to their knees?

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