the-answer-by-rebecca-sugarRebecca Sugar, the author of the world-acclaimed Steven Universe show, delivers a true masterpiece with The Answer, a brand-new story for the kids that talks about the real meaning of true love and other important things that you should be talking to your children about. Ruby and Sapphire are excited to start a new life on a mysterious, strange planet with a funny name - Earth. The book comes with brilliant illustrations that will be awesome to check out with your kids and explore every single detail.

The incredible team of artists did a fantastic job of capturing the emotions of the main characters as they embark on a dangerous-yet-thrilling journey that's full of promises and hopes. They thought a different fate was in stores for them, however, life doesn't always go the way we plan it, right? The Answer is a touching, charming love story that's told in a very warm, kind, funny way.

At the same time, if you and/or your kids have been a fan of the series, you'll be interested to learn about the origin of the leader of the Crystal Gems. His story of fighting his fears and discovering his own self will definitely be appreciated by the fans of the Universe. Rebecca Sugar has a lot of experience in writing children's books, and the international critics praise her for keeping it all funny and entertaining enough for the kids to enjoy while still managing to talk about strong characters, powerful emotions and many other defining things.

Furthermore, given the fact that the main characters of The Answer are both girls, and they fall in love with each other, this book would be a great way for your children to see that it's ok to be attracted to the same gender and that there's nothing wrong with that. It's certainly pretty unusual for a book intended for the kids to talk about this topic, but Rebecca Sugar did a marvelous job of introducing the kids to this brave new world that we're living in.

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