The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein

The-Art-of-Racing-in-the-Rain2The dog Enzo is absolutely sure that he will be a man in the next life. The wise dog observes the world around him and comes to amazing insights. He is studying the behavior of all the people he meets, and listen to them carefully. His idol is his owner Denny: a wonderful husband and father, and a reliable friend. Enzo would do anything for him. As Dennys wife dies and dog owner risks losing his daughter, Enzo tries to help him as the dog could.

The dog likes to watch TV shows alongside with his owner. He looks not only race or racer Movies (Steve Mc Queen is his favorite actor!) but also Law & Order or documentation. From one of these documentaries he learns something incredible: same ancient people think that a dog after death can be reborn as a human. That information overwhelmed Enzo!

Some characters you can certainly say that they are not well developed. But frankly it does not matter because the true friendship between the two souls is ultimately captivating. This story is about the wonderful friendship between man and his dog. It is simply written with much love and passion.

"The Art of Racing in the Rain" is a beautiful book that makes you laugh and cry in equal times. Also, it is thought-provoking because this story is full of goodbyes and full of hope no matter what drastic things happen.

Garth Stein was born in Seattle, studied in New York and has been working as a film director, producer, and writer. " He is married and lives with his family in Seattle.

Garth Stein succeeded in realizing the vision of a dog on human behavior entirely without pathos and without much humor. The dog must remain the dog, doing nothing that a dog could not do.

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