the-atlantis-plague-by-a-g-riddleA.G. Riddle's groundbreaking and epic series, the Origin Mystery, managed to sell 2 million (!) copies all over the world, which makes it one of the most popular franchises in literature. The Atlantis Plague is the second chapter, the second installment, and it continues after the events of the first book. Doctor Warner is facing a terrifying fact: mankind is about to be extinct, and there's not much she or anybody else can do.

A horrible pandemic has taken the lives of over a billion folks, and the rest of the human race had its genes transformed on a cellular level. Chaos is ragin' on, and the world's elite is doing its best to come up with a solution, a cure. The greatest nations of all time come together and develop a drug that's supposed to help with the disease. They spread it all across the globe and deliver it to the refugees.

However, despite the fact that the cure does help for a while, it's only a temporary solution, as it merely fights the symptoms, but never the plague itself. The Immari come through with a different option: do nothing and let nature do its thing. They strive for a future where only the genetically-modified humans will rule the world - a new breed of humans.

Planet Earth is on the brink of destruction, and the Orchid Alliance goes head to head against these fanatics. Our last hope is to find the real cure and to put an end to this, and Warner is close to revealing the mystery behind The Atlantis Plague. She embarks on a dangerous journey to Europe and Africa and realizes that it all comes down to the human evolution...The Atlantis Plague is a brilliant novel that will get you hooked with a fine mix of mystery, thriller, science fiction, suspense and non-stop action.

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