the-award-by-danielle-steelThe Award is a truly epic historical novel by Danielle Steel, one of the greatest storytellers of our time. The critics are calling it the most powerful and emotionally-strong story of the year, so, make sure to grab your copy and enjoy! This is a tale about an unbreakable woman who goes through tragedy and the horrors of war. Gaëlle is a 16-year-old teenage girl who lives a carefree life in France back in 1940.

But, when the Nazi army occupies the country, the terrors begin to occur. Soon, the French policemen take Rebekah, her best friend, and her family away. Furthermore, they threaten her loved ones with deportation. The commander of the German forces in the region turns the girl's family estate into his mansion. Next, the soldiers kill her dad and her brother. Shocked by the horrors of war, her mom fades away into madness.

The friends and neighbors who used to be like one happy community turn into traitors in order to survive. And that's why Gaëlle joins the resistance so that she can save lives and keep the spirit of the French people up. She couldn't save her friend, but she sure as hell can do whatever it takes to weaken the Nazi monsters. She becomes one of the best operatives of the resistance. She takes Jewish kids to safety, and soon that German commander comes to her with a dangerous yet rewarding plan to salvage the country's artistic heritage. Still, the French community accuses her of treason.

Gaëlle is all alone in this world, and she tries to start a new life in Paris after the war, even though the ghosts of the past are always there to remind her of the horrors that she had to go through. She moves to New York, starts a career, marries a good man and becomes a mother. And her granddaughter makes the whole world recognize Gaëlle as the hero that she truly is.

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