Looking for a funny, smart, engaging and heart-warming novel to lift up your mood? Then make sure to check The Barefoot Summer out! Carolyn Brown is one of the finest storytellers of our generation, and this is a hilarious story about 3 ladies who never really had anything in common...except their dear hubby! Now, it is kinda unfortunate to leave a widow behind. But what about not one, but three widows?

Well, that's just ridiculous and preposterous, isn't it?! Kate, the heiress to an oil company, has always known that her deceased husband wasn't the perfect man on planet Earth, but she is shocked by the fact that he had not one, but two wives on the side while still being married to her. With that said, the only thing that reminds of him now is a beauteous cabin in Texas near a lake, and she intends on keeping it as a remnant of their messed up marriage.

But, as it turns out, the other two wives also have their eyes set on this piece of property. Jamie is a strong-willed, dedicated woman, and she wishes the scumbag was still alive so she could show him what an angry wife looks like. She's raising their daughter, and they really need that cabin. Finally, Amanda, the third woman Conrad managed to con, is just a 28-year-old beauty with a kid in her belly and only the purest thoughts in her mind.

One fine summer day, all three women arrive at the cabin...The Barefoot Summer is a fascinating novel about letting go of the past and moving on with your life while making friends with folks that used to be your enemies. If you love hilariously-written dramatic stories about the extraordinary things that happen to all of us, grab a copy!

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