The-Beer-Bible-By-Jeff-AlworthThe Beer Bible, a bestselling book by Jeff Alworth, is the best guide you could ever think of. It's the perfect "library" of the most amazing beers and ales that were ever made. The book is written in a brisk, bright, friendly manner, so, even if you're not a big fan of beer, you'll still have tons of fun with it - it's a pretty entertaining read. The author approaches the task with style and creativity, and the whole thing looks like a delicious pub menu just waiting for you to unravel.

The Beer Bible is an overwhelming source of amazing info and it's divided into 4 huge chapters to cover this truly epic subject. You've got ale, light beer, wheat beers, and, a lot of other beer types. The book talks about every little thing that you would ever want to know about beer, including countless types from all around the world, sessions, funny stories, exciting facts - all that stuff.

Each chapter consists of a short story about the origins of a certain type of beer, its ingredients, "special abilities", characteristics, personal reviews, and - naturally - a mighty list of beers that a true fan should know about (or, better yet, taste). Now, if you think that it would be kinda hard to sort through all the various types and characteristics and makes sense of it all, you'll be happy to learn that the super-informative infographics got you covered - it takes one look at a chart to instantly get the link between different styles and families.

At the end of the day, The Beer Bible is a one-of-a-kind book for the true fans of bear, and it's intended for those folks who appreciate that "if you really like A, you have to also try B" approach. Plus, it will also be of great use to bear lovers who want to learn more about it.

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