The critics are calling Rod Dreher's masterpiece one of the most important religious releases of the decade, which means you simply have to grab a copy if religion plays a vital part in your life. True, this is a controversial book, but that's exactly what makes it great. Dreher calls upon all of us - good-old American Christians - to be strong and to prepare for the Dark Age that's about to devastate the world around us.

Only if we accept and embrace the Christian way of living will we be able to withstand the pressure. It's safe to say that when Trump won the election and Clinton lost, we, the simple folks, got a chance to breathe again and to feel like at home in our own country. But that's only temporary: the West is slowly but steadily falling down a huge cliff that you can't climb up from.

And, as surprising as it might sound, the only way forward for the US citizens right now is the way back. The author of this book introduces the readers to St. Benedict of Nur­sia, a strong-willed and pure monk that lived in the 6th century. After he witnessed the moral fall of the Roman Empire, he retreated to the deep forest and single-handedly created new rules, a new way of life for the good Christians.

He built a new community that was based on order, faith, prayer, and stability. This man saved Christianity from the falling empire's corruption and showed the Western civilization the path towards God and salvation. Unfortunately, we're seeing a similar collapse of morale in the United States. The churches are just too weak to unite the people, and that is exactly why we need the Benedict Option. It's the only thing that can protect us from the devastating mainstream culture.

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