Walker is a walking-talking sex machine, one of those big, bulky men that women want to spend their whole lives with. He's a billionaire, a playboy, and a real pro when it comes to sex. It's safe to say that he's a perfect fella not only for a one-night stand but for something more serious. Now, Walker has a strict rule: whenever he's in a relationship with a woman, everything always goes his way - no exceptions.

However, when Erica comes into his life, she changes him and all of his "stupid" rules. Every single man out there stops and starts to stare at her delicious curvy body, super-long and sexy legs, and that face that's equally innocent and full of sin. Women like that come around only once in a lifetime, and Walker is ready to do whatever it takes to claim her.

The girl, in turn, is more than happy to spend some time with a rich boy and a night or two in his bed. He's got a lot at stake with this relationship, but it doesn't matter, as long as she'll obey. Yet, the richest bachelor in the city is hiding a huge secret and that means they can't be together. But hey - the innocent Erica is no saint either, and she has to make a confession - she had his baby!

So, how on Earth will these two damaged young people manage to sort through all the obstacles in their way and find true happiness together? Is it even possible after everything that happened? The Billionaire Experience is a top-notch romantic novel with a heart-wrenching plot, a mighty cast of characters and one of the best sex scenes in the genre. Love, passion, dangerous secrets, and big revelations come together to create an awesome experience for the readers.

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