Brianna is lucky to work as a hostess for one of the mightiest and wealthiest casinos in Las-Vegas - a lot of girls would do anything to land that gig. Her job is not really that complicated: she is to keep rich men satisfied and happy by tending to their every need. They have to be relaxed and enjoying themselves to spend all of that hard-earned cash in this exact casino.

Now, these gentlemen have seen a lot and been through a lot, which means it's not that easy to make them "tick". So, Brianna is sometimes forced to provide, let's say, some "special services". Her boss has promised her a promotion and a handsome bonus, and she's ready to do whatever it takes to get to the next level. She's not doing it for herself - she's got an adorable baby girl waiting for her at home. Dorian is one of those untouchable billionaires golden boys that think of themselves as the masters of this world and always do whatever they please.

If they want something, they get it - just like that. And for this fella, placing a bet is what excites him, makes his blood rush and his adrenaline kick in. It's a bigger turn-on than drinks, drugs and even girls. Call it whatever you want - the rush is crazy, especially when you put everything on one bet. He's a "hit first, think later" kind of a guy and is used to being a winner who takes it all.

His bruv, Enzo, is just like him, and they love to place those epic bets together. It's not really about the money because they've got more in the bank than they'll ever be able to spend. The joy of winning and proving to your brother that you've got more wits - that's what this is all about. At the same time, despite the need for the rush and excitement, they never go all in. Fun is what they're after, but, when they make a huge bet on Brianna, everything changes. The Billionaire's Bet is a riveting, gripping and pretty dirty romantic novel about a billionaire's love for a gorgeous girl.

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