Zeke was the first boy she kissed, had sex with and fell in love with. He was also the first man to break her heart. Falling for a playboy like that is not really a smart move, but you can't order your heart around, can you? It's been seven years since they broke up, and now, all of a sudden, he's got a business proposal for her: he wants a wife by his side to close a huge deal.

He claims she won't regret it, and the money is good. That’s kinda tempting, but Ali still remembers how it felt when he dumped her. This is just an arrangement, nothing more, nothing less, but it feels like Zeke wants so much more from her than to be a fake spouse. To the outside world, this guy is known as Mr. Harris, a young billionaire who single-handedly built an empire from the ground up.

He's rich, powerful, and looks like he just had a photo shoot for GQ or something. He's tall, handsome, and has that mysterious vibe that all the women fall for. The man is considered to be the most eligible bachelor bad-boy in town, but for Ali, he's the moron who left a scar on her heart. Zeke used to sneak into her room when her mom and dad were away and show her what it really meant to be a big girl.

So, Ali doesn't really know how to react to his proposition: does she say yes and hope that he's a different man now who's ready to take care of his woman and will never-ever leave her, or is he the same old bad-boy with commitment issues? He promised her 1 million dollars for the fake marriage and another mil if Ali gives him a baby. Crazy? Yep. Temping? You bet! The Billionaire's Bride is a second chance erotic romance with a great sense of humor and some panty-melting chemistry between the main characters.

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