Dani has been out of the dating game for a minute now and hasn't been with a man for quite a long time. And she wasn't planning on fixing that situation right until her sis gave her a lovely weekend trip to Las Vegas. But, there's a catch: Dani will have to promise to go out on a date. The guy turns out to be a moron and tries to make her go with him to his room.

Obviously, the girl gets into a difficult situation, and when Nolan shows up and saves the day, she's ready to give him a hug and even a kiss. He's like her valiant knight, the one and only prince in that shiny new armor. And, he's also in a great shape, tall, and looks like a nice gentleman. It's safe to say that a man like Nolan is perfect for a getaway adventure in Vegas, but nothing serious.

And hey - her sister did "instruct" her to have as much fun as she can, so maybe destiny itself has brought Nolan and her together? Soon, when she sees herself next to the guy in all the tabloids in the city, she realizes that the fella is both famous and wealthy. That kinda makes her sad, because men like him don't usually stick around for long. They are used to having instant fun with all kinds of girls and leaving them stranded.

Yet, he does knock on her door the next morning, taking Dani's breath away and making her heart beat like crazy. He's not here for a one-night-stand. No, he wants more - much more. And what about the girl herself? Is she ready for a huge commitment like that? The Billionaire's Gamble is a fantastic dirty romantic novel with great sex scenes, amazing dialogues, and a page-turning plot. If you love erotic tales with happy endings, buy your copy and enjoy!

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