The-Billionaire's-Virgin-By-Penny-WylderBonnie is going through a rough patch: she's struggling with money, and if she doesn't pay off her huge debts soon, they're going to take away from her the one and only person she cares about in this world - her grandmother. The woman needs a nice place to live in and folks to take care of her, but Bonnie simply can't afford that anymore. How does a young inexperienced girl make some money - fast?

She doesn't have anything valuable to sell. No, wait; there is one thing - her virginity. So, that's how she ended up "posting" it online for auction. Obviously, she could never think that someone would want to buy it, but Pierce, a big bad billionaire, was more than happy to do that. The guy outbid all the rivals in an instant, making it clear to Bonnie that she belonged to him.

She was both terrified and happy to learn that it will all be over soon and she'll get the money she so desperately needs. After all, it's just a night with a good-looking fella, right? However, Pierce doesn't "attack" Bonnie the second he sees her. No, he makes her a part of the world that he's living in - all that glamor, ridiculously expensive cars, hotels, et cetera.

At the same time, he's "commanding" her to put certain parts of underwear on and to touch her in certain ways. It's a bit confusing, as the girlie thought she was going to spend one night with him. But the billionaire wants so much more from her...The Billionaire's Virgin is a ridiculously hot, addictive and exciting erotic novel from Penny Wylder, the undisputed champ of romantic stories. It's naughty, ardent, impassioned, and will have you begging for more!

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