Billy is a natural-born cop. He's the one and only son of the local chief, and he's used to always following the rules and doing everything the right way. Kate, his stormy, sassy partner, makes him feel like he belongs to something much bigger than himself. He's ready to put his own life on the line for his job, and that makes him a priceless member of the police force.

However, his idyllic life turns into a disaster when Amy, a hard-boiled assistant state's attorney who wants to quickly move up the ranks, starts an investigation into Billy's "activities". She has reason to believe that he's not really who he says he is. A terrifying murder leads the cops to a luxurious, exclusive brothel that tends to the needs of the city's most powerful, wealthy and influential men.

There's more than enough evidence in there, and when the madam finds out that her black book is missing, Chicago's elite puts everything on hold and tries to track the book and bring it back. Pretty much every last thug dreams of getting their hands on this notorious book and you can't really trust anyone in this kind of a situation. What's so important about this book and what will the investigators find in it?

The Black Book is an original mystery thriller about corruption, lies, and the destructive power of scandals. James Patterson, the best-selling author in the genre, stays true to himself and delivers a brand-new masterpiece. The man has a special gift for writing page-turning blockbusters that linger on and on. This book comes with a riveting plot, an A-grade cast of characters and a great "fog of mystery" that you won't be able to figure out until the very end.

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