the-blood-mirror-by-brent-weeksThe Lightbringer series has been around for a while, and Brent Weeks, the author, managed to "squeeze" it into the list of the best modern-day fantasy trilogies. The Blood Mirror is the latest addition to the series and follows the events of the previous book. There are no Seven Satrapies anymore - the world has only 4 now, and they're unable to stop the White King's enormous army.

Gavin, the one and only person who could put a stop to this war, is nowhere to be found. He's broken, terrified and locked up in his own prison. He used to be an emperor, a Prism, but his days of glory are far behind him. He has no magic, no powers - nothing. So, right now, Kip is the only man standing between all the innocents and the King's ever-growing forces. Karris, in turn, is trying to hold together an empire that's rapidly falling apart, and her father-in-law is there to help her.

However, she can't fully trust him, as he could be a traitor that will put an end to the empire. Finally, Teia is developing new talents, but they might just be too strong for her to handle. Together, the heroes will have to fight for their lives and for the safety of their world. The Blood Mirror is a terrific novel that will be greatly appreciated by the fans of contemporary fantasy.

Brent Weeks has been writing best-selling epic tales for quite some time now, and he knows exactly how to hit the bull's eye with his books. Prepare to be amazed by an action-packed, fast-moving narrative, a great cast of characters and an exciting story that will glue you to your seat for a couple of days until you finish the book. Yes, the Lightbringer series has a very special "ability" - it pulls the readers relentlessly and keeps the tension rising.

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