Recently, in 2014, a huge group of protesters surrounded the white house in support of Mike Brown, the kid that was shot by a cop, and were shouting out Emmett Till's name. Now, why would they mention a black fella that was killed 60 years ago? Back in '55, a bunch of notorious white men lynched a teenager, a 14-year-old African-American kid from Chicago. His name was Emmett.

The death of that young man was an unfortunate "side effect" of the so-called white terrorism that spread all across the country after the Court's final decision to put a stop to segregation in public schools in America. And the nation-wide coalition that wasn't afraid to protect against the white savages that murdered Till created the very foundation of the modern-day civil rights movement.

However, the killings have never stopped, and, despite this country's huge efforts to unite the whites and the blacks, there are still rage, hate, and loathing in the eyes of many American citizens. Brown's death is vital proof that this nation has a lot to learn from the movement back in the '50s and needs to get a grip on itself. The Blood of Emmett Till is a very important book for this generation.

This isn't about politics - it's all about history and taking responsibility for all the terrifying things that are happening on the streets to this very day. Emmett was a regular black boy, but the "exceptional Americans" killed him in a brutal manner. Timothy B. Tyson masterfully tells his story, revealing new facts and offering a different point of view on what's considered to be the most horrifying racial/hate crime in this country's history.

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